All of the posting types available under "Create Content" have some fields that accept inline images, indicated by the picture icon like so:

Adding an image to your posting is a two step process: (1) uploading the image from your computer and (2) inserting, sizing and positioning it

  • position the cursor where you’d like the image to appear and click the picture icon
  • a dialog box appears…click "Browse Server"
  • another dialog appears displaying the images on the web server.
  • navigate to the appropriate folder for the content type you’re submitting
  • click Browse and locate the image you want to use. It should be less than 600 pixels wide; you can scale it down further in the next step
  • click the "Upload" button and you image gets uploaded
  • click on your image’s filename and you get the insertion dialog again
  • this time your image appears and you get a chance to scale it, align it, and assign a link to it  (use the Link tab).
  • click OK and your image appears in your posting
  • if you want to change its size, alignment, etc. you can right click on it and choose "Image Properties"
  • that’s it!