This web site introduces the periodic table and the basics of atomic structure within a framework of interactive activities. It takes the learner on a journey to understand the modern orbital model of the atom. It progresses to illustrated tutorials that explore the organization of the Periodic Table, characteristics of isotopes and ions, and how the placement of electrons determines the atomic composition of an element. Throughout are game-like simulations: build an atom by dragging virtual electrons into orbitals, explore ionic bonding by dragging individual ions to create a compound, calculate an atom’s average relative mass with scaffolded help, and more. Editor’s Note: There are lots of interactive Periodic Tables on the web. This one is exemplary because it provides an easy-to-read tutorial with simulations placed at just the right points for students to immediately apply what they learned. It is simple enough for novice learners, but challenging enough to work a student’s brain. This resource is part of Annenberg Media, an organization devoted to distributing educational video programs which are accompanied by web and print materials.