Tim Shipley (Temple University) and Mary Hegarty (University of California, Santa Barbara) are working on a project to understand the relations among internal visualization ability (e.g., mental rotation), navigation ability, and complex spatial thinking. As part of that project, they are requesting that you complete the project questionnaire at http://www.spatialability.org/

The questionnaire is designed to assess visualization, navigation, and verbal abilities to see if individuals in different disciplines (e.g., biology, physics, mathematics) show different profiles of strengths. For example, people are asked to rate agreement with statements such as, “I am good at putting together furniture with only the use of diagrams,” or “I am very good at reading maps.”

Tim and Mary have requested that you take the survey yourself and forward this request to friends and colleagues. It would be particularly helpful if you would send this to colleagues in the natural sciences and other STEM disciplines and include information about the this project on your web site / facebook page / .sig file,  etc.

I completed the survey in five minutes–the questions are very spatial and quite interesting. You can sign up to receive the results of the survey. Please help support this project.