This inquiry-based module for grades 9-12 explores the difference between heat and temperature in an engaging interactive format that includes 12 computer models. Students learn that temperature is a measure of kinetic energy and heat is the transfer of energy from hot systems to cooler ones. The simulations help students visualize that temperature is related to both speed and mass of atoms. Three models promote understanding of average kinetic energy, and its dependence upon changes in heat. Editor’s Note: The key concepts in this resource are the subject of deeply-rooted misconception among many students, persisting well into the college setting. The inquiry-based nature of this module helps students form accurate concepts in a self-paced, low-stakes venue. Allow two days in computer lab. See Related Materials for a Teacher’s Guide developed specifically to accompany this resource. This item is part of the Concord Consortium, a nonprofit research and development organization dedicated to transforming education through technology. The Consortium develops deeply digital learning innovations for science, mathematics, and engineering. The models are all freely accessible. Users may register for additional free access to a Teacher’s Guide and capability to capture data.