Founded in 1993, the Consortium on Greening Design and Manufacturing (CGDM) encourages “”multidisciplinary research and education on environmental management and pollution issues in critical industries.”” Faculty and students of several departments at Berkeley University, including mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, the School of Public Health, and the Hass School of Business, have teamed up with partners in the public and industrial sectors. The impressive objectives of this consortium include creating multidisciplinary curriculums focusing on environmental issues and industry, forming research partnerships with these industries, and offering green design and manufacturing information to “”businesses, governmental agencies, and the non-profit sector.”” The main resources on this site are provided under the Research and Publications sections. The Research section includes basic overviews of the CGDM’s current projects, along with abstracts of related papers. In some cases, the full texts of the papers are included in Microsoft Word format. The Publications section mirrors the same large collection of research papers found in the Research section. The Consortium on Greening Design and Manufacturing will be a welcome resource for anyone interested in environmental and greening issues.