The National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently updated its online Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures and Problems. The dictionary takes the form of a hypertext alphabetical list of terms dealing with algorithmic techniques and functions (e.g., Ackermann’s Function), data structures, archetypical problems (e.g., “”traveling salesman””), and related definitions. Nice features of the site include a page of links to implementations (code) and some expanded definitions and diagrams for the terms. In addition to the complete alphabetical listing, the list of terms may also be viewed categorized by subject area or by type of term (graphs, trees, sorting, etc.). The site’s manager, NIST computer scientist Paul Black, welcomes contributions and is particularly in need of terms in state machines, combinatorics, parallel and randomized algorithms, heuristics, and quantum computing. Note that this dictionary does not include algorithms particular to communications, information processing, operating systems, programming languages, artificial intelligence, graphics, or numerical analysis. Overall, however, it is a great resource for university students and researchers.