The Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering in the Office of Basic Energy Sciences supports a research program that “”seeks to understand the atomistic basis of materials properties and behavior and how to make materials perform better at acceptable cost through innovative materials design, synthesis, and processing.”” The two main research areas of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Chemistry and Materials and Engineering Physics emphasize finding efficient, economical, environmentally acceptable, and safe ways to generate, convert, transmit, and use energy. Research activities described on this website include: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, X-ray and Neutron Scattering, Materials Chemistry and Biomolecular Materials, Structure and Composition of Materials, Mechanical Behavior and Radiation Effects, Physical Behavior of Materials, Synthesis and Processing Science, Engineering Physics and EPSCoR, which supports “”cluster activities”” for participant states in the U.S. The website overviews the research agenda, describes the grant proposal process, and offers free online publications.