This site is part of the Energy Information Administration (EIA) website, and is dedicated to teaching children more about energy. General information includes the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy resources, and descriptions of energy types such as geothermal, wind, hydropower, uranium, oil, gas, coal, and more. Stories about recycling, fusion, and emissions cover current events, and biographies about pioneers in energy include Drake, Curie, Edison, Newton, and more. This site also provides a history of energy and its uses, an energy conversion chart, guidelines for energy education, and an online quiz. The Energy Kid’s Page belongs to the Energy Information Administration, a part of the U.S. Department of Energy. “”EIA”” is the government agency responsible for collecting and analyzing energy statistics and information. Many authors have been involved in writing the Energy Kid’s Page and keeping it up-to-date. “”Energy Ant was created in May 1975 by the Federal Energy Administration, the Department of Energy’s predecessor, to tell kids about energy and how to use it wisely. We thought it would be fun to bring him back as a guide to the Kid’s Page and as an ambassador for energy information. A stuffed Energy Ant visits classrooms and energy sites across the country, and you can read about his travels. A human-sized Energy Ant (really an EIA employee in costume) makes guest appearances at school events in the Washington, DC area to talk to students about energy and science. Energy Ant even has his own activity book (for 4th-7th grader students).””