BioEd Online is an “educational resource for educators, students, and parents” from the Baylor College of Medicine. This is an excellent place to find educational materials and current information in the field of biology. The “Hot Topics” section of this site focus on current events and issues in biology that are “receiving national attention.” The controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells, and coverage it receives in news and research publications in the United States and around the world definitely warrants a closer look at this issue. This “Hot Topic” compiled by Joseph Marx, PhD, Nancy Moreno, PhD, and Deanne Erdmann, MS, contains a brief discussion of the stem cell debate, and includes references and links for further reading at the bottom of the page. Related news articles can be found in the sidebar at the left. Be sure to check out the related slide sets (also on the left) for both embryonic stem cells, and stem cells. These slide shows are an excellent resource to use in the classroom. Just add the slides you wish to use to your tray, and then view or download your slide tray for an instant visual resource.