This material is excerpted from the book, Numbers aren’t nasty: A workbook of spatial concepts, by David J. Unwin, Emeritus Professor of Geography.
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"This chapter provides a series of exercises associated with self-defining continuous fields where the entity is an attribute that is continuous across space and thus is in some sense self-defining. The relations are those involving distance and magnitude and there are a number of associated spatial concepts such as the first order primitive we call height, and second order notions of continuity, gradient and trend"

Chapter 6: Fields

  • 6.1 Introduction
  • 6.2 Exercise (29): Continuity and isolining a field
  • 6.3 Exercise (30): Isolining by machine
  • 6.4 Exercise (31): Visualizing fields
  • 6.5 Exercise (32): Trends in fields
  • 6.6 Exercise (33) Spatial structure and spatial interpolation by kriging
  • 6.7 Exercise (34): Spatial structure from the semi-variogram models
  • 6.8 References

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