This page serves as an entrance to the short virtual field trips developed for the FILTER project, which “”seeks to educate the tertiary education community in the use of digital images and related metadata for learning and teaching purposes””. The field trips may be used individually or in combination as parts of learning resources for particular courses. Each virtual field trip is a ‘one-stop trip’, taking the reader to a single locality or a couple of related localities. Each field trip looks at six images of the sediments and sedimentary rocks on a range of scales, starting from the broad view, and zooming in progressively through more detailed views, down to microscope images. The images are the most important element, but complementary text and interactive quizzes are provided to help in understanding them. The resources concentrate on modern and ancient calcium carbonate-dominated depositional environments, particularly shallow marine to shoreline settings. The site also provides generic templates to be downloaded and used for constructing virtual field trips.