National Graphic and GlobeScan have teamed up on a research project called the Greendex, and it provides a multitude of useful ways for visitors to learn how well consumers are “”going green””. The map in shades of green, yellow, and gray on the homepage allows visitors to see which of seventeen different countries are the most environmentally sustainable in their practices and policies. Visitors will find this a fascinating and informative website, and may find some of the results to be surprising. There are four indicators used to determine the rank of the countries, which are transportation, food (imported), goods, housing (how many rooms per house). The “”Knowledge Quiz”” gives visitors the opportunity to take a seven question quiz to test their knowledge of environmental issues, and then compare their results to those of people in other countries. The “”Greendex Calculator”” provides visitors with the chance to find out their own level of greenness by the indicators used for the Greendex map.

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