This material is excerpted from the book, Numbers aren’t nasty: A workbook of spatial concepts, by David J. Unwin, Emeritus Professor of Geography.
A description of the entire workbook and a downloadable copy are here.

"In this chapter we develop student’s appreciation of the ‘first order’ basic spatial concepts of location, scale, adjacency, distance, and projection as well as the variety of ways by which they can be ‘measured’ in different ‘spaces’"

Chapter 2: Location, Spaces and Distance

  • 2.1 Aims and introduction
  • 2.2 Exercise (1): Location – where do you live?
  • 2.3 Exercise (2): Scale and representation
  • 2.4 Exercise (3): Adjacency and relations between elements of a set
  • 2.5 Exercise (4): Conceptions of distance
  • 2.6 Exercise (5): Some complications with ‘distance’
  • 2.7 Exercise (6): Projection and location
  • 2.8 Exercise (7) Transforming locations
  • 2.9 References

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