The World War II Journey of the Pacific Clipper

Summary: In this activity, you will investigate the flight of the Pacific Clipper during the first days of the United States involvement in World War II. You will use GIS and spatial analysis as your principal toolkit and framework. Problem: After learning of the outbreak of World War II as they were crossing the Pacific Ocean, getting set to land in New Zealand in December 1941, the flight of a Pan American Airways seaplane had to make a fateful decision: Could they return to the United States by flying west instead of east? No commercial airliner had ever flown around the world before. Could they make it? Your task is to use spatial analysis and GIS to analyze every detail of this epic historical event.


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For example:

Distance = Rate x time with GIS.  The DIRT problem is analyzed in the context of real places, calculations, and maps, where you plan an ocean and a rail journey from London to Istanbul and return.