This is a research paper on the occurrence of Waulsortian mounds, also known as Tournasian-early Visean mud mounds. These features are unique because unlike other carbonate buildups in the stratigraphic record, they lack an identifiable frame-building organism. These mounds were the only type of organic buildup known to have formed during the period of strongly suppressed reef building that followed the Late Devonian collapse of the reef-building biotic community. Sections of this paper include information on mound characteristics, paleogeography, paleoclimates and paleo-upwelling, and paleo-storm tracks. This paper suggests that lack of storm energy in two large areas of Laurussia provided long-term stability and thus enhanced the growth prospects of the frame-deficient Waulsortian and Waulsortian-like mud mounds. An extensive bibliography and figure of the Visean geography showing locations of Waulsortian and Waulsortian-like mounds are also provided.