Seismic Waves and the Slinky
By Prof. Lawrence W. Braile; Purdue University; cataloged for NSDL by the DLESE Pathway

From the resource web page:
"Seismic Waves:  Because of the elastic properties of Earth materials (rocks) and the presence of the Earth’s surface, four main types of seismic waves propagate within the Earth. Compressional (P) and Shear (S) waves propagate through the Earth’s interior and are known as body waves.  Love and Rayleigh waves propagate primarily at and near the Earth’s surface and are called surface waves. […] The Love wave…is easy to demonstrate with a slinky or a double length slinky.  Stretch the slinky out on the floor or on a tabletop and have one person at each end hold on to the end of the slinky.  Generate the Love wave motion by quickly moving one end of the slinky to the left and then to the right.  The horizontal shearing motion will propagate along the slinky. […]