The web site for this Colorado State University (CSU) and Poudre School District (PSD) project, developed by Dr. Melinda Laituri, has numerous ArcView-based GIS geography projects.

From the site introduction:

One of the problems facing the use of spatial information technologies in the classroom is the availability of teacher training and time to develop appropriate lessons and exercises for students. To address this problem, the CSU-PSD Partnership was established. In June 1997, a workshop was held at CSU to introduce and demonstrate to teachers spatial information technologies, to explore potential avenues for implementation in K-12 classrooms, and to identify K-12 partners for a pilot project to be conducted during the fall semester of 1997.

Using the graduate class, NR 505 – Concepts in GIS, as the vehicle for collaboration, graduate students were partnered with K-12 participants to design exercises using spatial information technology in the classroom. Graduate students worked in teams of two and were partnered with seven different teachers to create hands-on exercises using such tools as GIS, RS, and GPS. Graduate students worked with K-12 partners to determine topics, content, and questions to be answered – keeping in mind the geography standards.