I recently received the following solicitation for a survey on teaching spatial concepts, and pass it along:


(With apologies for cross-postings…)

 Request for your input into geospatial study

 I have a research student, Thiemo Romey, who is studying teaching and learning of geospatial material, especially in distance education. He wants to pin down the key spatial concepts in different disciplines from the perspective of practitioners who use and teach them every day.

 He has prepared a short online survey at http://tinyurl.com/SpatialConceptsSurvey to gather your views. If you can spare a little time (around 15 minutes) to contribute your (anonymous) opinions and perspectives, we would both be very grateful. The survey is live until the 1st December 2011.

 Many thanks in advance,

Tom Argles
Environment, Earth and Ecosystems (yes, we’ve renamed again!)
The Open University