The River Network (RN) is a nonprofit intended to help people monitor, protect and restore rivers and watersheds. The RN site has community information, a newsletter and links to events. From the site: “”River Network is a national nonprofit organization working for clean and healthy waters. While rivers are our focal point, we are interested in the quality of all fresh waters and the health of all people and ecosystems dependent upon them. We are unique among national organizations, because our very reason for being is to support grassroots groups working for watershed protection. Our headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, where River Network was founded in 1988. Our staff members are based in Oregon, Idaho, Vermont, North Carolina and Washington, DC. We work from coast to coast. River Network’s mission is to help people understand, protect and restore rivers and their watersheds. Our business is connecting people and saving rivers. River Network fills an essential niche in the conservation community. By providing information, training, consultation and connections, we enhance the individual and collective efforts of hundreds of other organizations.””