This is the educational curriculum site for the Water Education Foundation (WEF). There are resources related to water issues for teachers, including activities and a glossary of water terms. At the time of cataloging, the site had the following curricular resources: Designed for use by teachers, non-formal educators, and water quality professionals, The Water Sourcebook series covers today’s most important water environment topics. Grades K-2 * Happy the Fish * Drink It Up! * Spongy Wetlands Grades 3-5 * Water Goes Around and Comes Around * Waste Not, Want Not * Water Works * Water-Wise Landscaping Grades 6-8 * Water Meter Reader * Indicating Insects * Aquifers and Recharge Areas Grades 9-12 * Wastewater Treatment * Water Careers * Biography of a River * Groundwater Basics * From Ground to Water * What’s the Level? * What Goes On Down Under? * Do You Drink It? * Hydraulic Head * Flow Nets * Groundwater: Cleaning Up * What is Groundwater Pollution Doing to the Neighborhood? * Landfills and the Potential For Groundwater Contamination * Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Additional Materials * Make Waves: Career Paths in the Water Environment: A school curriculum book for guidance counselors and secondary educators who are seeking activities that will encourage students to consider careers in the water environment field. * Make Waves poster