The Resource Browser application locates teaching resources related to spatial concepts cataloged in the National Science Digital Library and part of a new TeachSpatial collection.

Concept Perspectives is a collection of definitions and expository statements about spatial concepts and principles from multiple disciplinary perspectives. We welcome more.

The Standards Browser lists the spatial concepts found in U.S. science teaching standards for grades K-12 and U.S. geography standards for grades 9-12.

This version of TeachSpatial is intended to assist efforts at making the explicit instruction of spatial thinking part of the curriculum and of specific courses. Towards that end we have developed the above tools. Their development stems from these questions:

  1. If there were a course in spatial thinking at the undergraduate level—perhaps consolidating and refreshing what was learned in high school—what would it consist of?
  2. What is a set of key spatial learning objectives such a course might teach to?